Silver along with other precious metals is used as an alloy. Silver has to be mixed with other metals, such as copper, to give it the necessary hardness for increased durability. Even the most experienced 'eye' cannot detect the precious metal content of an item by sight alone. As a result, due to the high cost of precious metals, this offers great scope for fraud and therefore there is the need to protect the public, from those who attempt to cheat them.


Consequently ,all our products in accordance with UK law are hallmarked to confirm they meet the legal standard. This cannot be done by ourselves, but by submission to one of the four UK Assay Offices. As we are a manufacture nearly all the products on our web site, we submit them to the Birmingham Assay Office.


Once our items reach the Assay Office in a semi finished state, they go through three processes -


Sampling to remove a tiny piece of the silver for testing.


Assaying to determine whether the precious metal content of the alloy meets the necessary standard.


Hallmarking to apply the correct mark to the item.